Friday, January 31, 2014

Some Things Considered

Found a new store today. It is a strange hybrid of new clothing mixed with used clothing. Something about the identical rows of exactly the same dress/top/whatever really threw me off my game. Here are things that were under consideration, some for the briefest moment. 

New with tags Merona peplum dress. $7.99. My heart just wasn't in it. I didn't even try this on! How horrible is it to say, I thought $8 was too much for this dress?!

Scotland shots 0.99. First off, we are a beer family so a shot glass is useless at ours. Second, it just didn't excite me enough. 

New with tags sequin skirt from Target. I think this is a store where Target and others cast off their unsold merch in exchange for a tax deduction? $4.99..... I've owned a skirt like this before and never wore it. 

Vince Camuto heels for $19.99. Brand new and lots of sizes. If you are the sort of lady who gets excited about brands and has to know where this store is then please let me know. They did catch my eye but all I could think was, where would I ever wear them??

If you are worried about me, dear reader...worry not! While I did manage to talk myself out of everything in that faux-thrift store, I made a stop on my way home at my old favorite, Salvation Army!!

I was going to save it for my next post but I'm having trouble containing my excitement - A real problem I face on a daily basis. 

Tacocat Rides At Midnight 

Black and purple velvet lace crop top. I felt like those adjectives would never end.

Slightly less descriptors: black pleated mini dress

Someone made this skirt! Someone made this denim skirt! Someone made this denim wrap skirt! Thank you someone! Seriously impressed by you right now. I hope somewhere you're getting an extra zing of good energy from all the appreciation I'm sending your way. 

This was new with tags from Target (sound familiar? Seriously they must make their big donation at year end! Please add that to my list of thrifting tips!) $3.50

Happy weekend, world! 


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