Monday, August 19, 2013

Little Bunny Shoe Shoe

I am in love with the bunny-esque pose my brown thrifted boots have decided to pull. They are slouchy, cowboy loveliness and found me at a time when I was seriously doubting thrifted shoes.

(Salvation Army $5.00)

My first pair of thrift store shoes were from American Way and I still think about them. They ended up in the closet of my dear work friend because they were too small for me. Cut-out, leather booties. Should I say that again? Cut-out, leather booties. Alas, that's the issue with shoes. You can make too big or too small clothing work but shoes are either right or wrong. 

Then I went through a phase where I cut out shoes completely. Nope- I wasn't even going to that section. 

Until I found my bunny boots. 

Since then I've acquired exactly two pairs of thrifted shoes. 

  • Black Peter Pan boots (which were purchased in a haste with my husband literally holding open the Goodwill door and shouting, Come on!)

  • Beautiful wedges found this weekend for $3.50. I've worn them every moment since. 

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