Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Try, Try Again

I've been thinking a lot about patience lately. It is a virtue I greatly admire but sadly lack. I think many of my "life lessons" (if you believe in that sort of thing and I do) have been about patience. I'm constantly reminded that learning to wait well is not only a challenge but one worth conquering. 

Yesterday I found myself with an inexplicable 2 hours of alone time. I hit my favorite shop and after 60 minutes of scouring with little more than a whisper of air conditioning, I walked out with nothing. Sweaty and defeated I realized that thrifting is all about patience.

Since you've been ever so patient with my rambling I"ll get to the good part. Long story short, (another virtue I lack) I went to a store I rarely visit and found the below treasures. Try, try again. 

  • Magnificent red bohemian decor that my husband instantly banished from our home. $7.99
    It's okay, I bought it with a very special couple in mind. Little do they know I am building their wedding gift to monstrous proportions. If only they'd get engaged!

  • 2 tops: Sparkle & Face tank which is originally from Urban Outfitters & an Yves St. Clair striped blouse with dubious origins. Is it vintage? Google has failed me. $3.99 and $5.99 respectively.

  • Books were buy one, get one free. I immediately spotted "In Defense of Food" by my boyfriend Mark Bittman and clawed my way  through the throngs fighting for the New York Times bestseller.
    Then I was stuck because I obviously needed a second since it was free. I hunted and hunted but nothing jumped out. On my way to the register I spotted a book face down and grabbed it because I still needed a book. That accidental purchase ended up being a book that's been on my "to-read" list for more than a year - "The Weird Sisters." $2.99 for both!


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