Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ugly Sweater Contest

There is not an ugly sweater contest anywhere on earth that I couldn't win. 
(Presenting below exhibits A, B, C & D of many...)
I don't know if it's my adopted Scottish blood or my inner-granny but, if it's woolly and patterned you can bet it's in my Goodwill shopping cart. 
My penchant for monstrous knitwear has even become a parenting threat of sorts. When my best friend's son begged to stay with "Auntie" rather than his home  (which fair enough is full of rules and bedtimes) his mother told him he was free to go but Auntie would make him wear ugly sweaters. 
Suddenly bedtimes didn't seem so bad. 
As luck would have it, I've been gifted with my very own wee boy to put in as many ugly sweaters as I please. 

 (A) Purchased on an out -of-this world trip to Goodwill. I owe this store an apology. For years I claimed I hated it and would grumpily dig through their wares only if it were the last geographic option (any thrifting is better than none!) My heartfelt apology to you.
Yes, those are hearts. Eek!
 (B) Fact: Those are baubles hanging from the sweater.
Baby loves to play with them. So does mommy.
It doesn't hurt this 1980's masterpiece is the most brilliant blue color.
 (C) From my first and only trip to Savers.
I don't have a Savers near me so this was a true treat on my recent trip to Arizona.
It was the same trip I somehow stumbled out of Walmart with a Tony the Tiger shirt.
(D) From Old Navy, fair isle meets tribal? 
It has short sleeves which sort of seals the deal, don't ya think?

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