Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just Say No

The trouble with thrifting is everything is such a bargain. You can very easily find yourself purchasing things just because they are so so cheap. If the fit is off, the fabric is scratchy, or the color is wrong you have to learn to just say no. If you're buying pieces that are just okay, you may as well throw your cash down the drain. (A drain that takes the cash and uses it to support social services like job training but still!!)

This week I've had quite a few NO's. I didn't document them all but here are a few that were just on the edge. 

A sweet Cynthia Rowley Tea Dress.
Yes, she's a designer I love. Yes, the colors are good one me. I just didn't love it. So I had to say NO.

 Elephant Blouse.
I'm a sucker for anything with an odd print. Just ask my husband - when we met my favorite shirt had a radish print. However, when I tried this on I was already tugging at it and trying to imagine how I could tie it or cut it. Not a good sign. NOOOO!

 Purple Slip
The type of thing I imagine myself swanning around in on a Sunday morning, without a toddler. It was fine. It wasn't great. An easy no.

Mossimo Stretch Dress.
One of my favorite colors but it was a tad too tight. I be up in the gym just working on my fitness, but this dress did nothing to show that. A sad no.

Silk Shirt Dress.
The saddest no of all. This was stunning on the hanger. Again, my favorite color but the fabric was weird and clung in all the wrong places. It actually looks worse in this photo than it did in person- even more reason it's a no. 

Something that was a YES this week... a sneak peek at my Halloween costume. If we're going to be friends then you must know I love dinosaurs. And yes, I'm going to wear this. 

The more times you say NO, the sweeter the YES's will be. 

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