Friday, October 4, 2013

Story Time

Of my finds today, nothing pulls at my heart like the jewelry box. My mom has one just like it and I still remember the feeling of awe as a little girl when she let me open it. I would carefully look at each and every piece, my posture noticeably better and my fingers oh so gentle. Recently, she opened that special box and gave me her wedding ring, to keep, forever. I've worn it every moment since and can't imagine ever parting with the delicate swirl of gold and diamond.

My second score of the day: denim for my boy. Is there anything more precious than little boy denim? It gives off an incredible energy of all the grass stains and tumbling to come. 

Two books for me... 

An XXXL (no joke) blouse. I promise there is a vision here, folks! 

And something that didn't make it home but gave me a giggle. The chain is removable. That's all I'm going to say.

My treasures today were $8. 

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