Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fluorescent Lights and All

Some stores deploy all sorts of tricks in the dressing room to get you to buy. Soft lighting, skewed mirrors, devoted sales attendants, even refreshments if you're super lucky. Not the Salvation Army! You're lucky if you get a dressing room at all. Still, while champagne would be nice, it's has the wonderful effect of making everything look BETTER at home. 

Take this velvet top. Once I rescued it from the dim surroundings it transformed into a totally lux wardrobe must. Just $6.99 and I'm already planning to wear it from now til February. 

While this trick works on most things, others are ugly to the core. You don't care, you love them anyway! Just like me and this bag. I was in need of a carry on and it was in need of a home. True love is patchwork blind! $2.99 but I would have paid more. 

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