Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lost Weekends & Manly Things

An atrocious weekend for thrifting but a good weekend for life. Lots of time with grandparents (mine and the little one's) plus an afternoon spent raising money for children in foster care (enough for 70 holiday gifts for children in need.) With that under my belt I can hardly complain of lackluster results. 

Fantastic embroidered skirt from Floreat via Salvation Army. I will let the Anthropologie product description do the talking: Dotty embroidery and pickstitched pathways sprout magically across Floreat's canvas mini. $2.50! You had me at sprout magically

 My man found a perfect denim jacket. Complete with DIY patches that add a sense of adventure to the worn with love denim. $5.00!

My friend from NYC once said, the difference between LA and New York City is that people in LA never met a pair of jeans they didn't like. Amen. Nothing does it for me quite like worn denim. 

On a side note, spell check changes "thrifting" to "thriving" - Coincidence? 

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