Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Goodwill for Grownups

Admittedly, I usually dress like I'm 12. What can I say? I like jeans. I love flowery dresses. More bows is always a good thing. However, there are moments (as I careen toward 30) in which I start to wonder if I should dress a little more..ahem... mature. With that in mind I hit the Goodwill and walked away with some grownup pieces.

J Crew (ohh you fancy!) yellow scalloped blouse for $5.99. This actually inspired the title for today's post. I looked at myself and thought, I look so grownup! 

ECI New York blouse. Also $5.99. I look like an important business woman. 

A flowery (I know, I know!) dress from Target WITH TAGS. Just $5.99 since dresses were on sale! 

And to prove I haven't lost all my fun, a Thanksgiving inspired blouse for when I want to play Pilgrim. (which is never so I didn't buy it) 

Remember kiddies, grownup is good but Ma'am is never okay! 

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